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Join us in Charity

Join Us in CharityGiving brings tremendous happiness not only for the recipients, but also for the givers.  At Paradise Ranch, we are motivated to share as much as we can with the community and reach out to people in need.  We invite all of our clients to join us in charity, one of the ways is to make a special order for an entire or 1/2 beef cattle.  We will coordinate to have it delivered to your favorite non-profit organization, or we will select an organization on your behalf.  The beef will be packaged in special 10 pounds containers, therefore an 850 pound steer which yields about 50%, will produce enough ten pound packages of beef to feed 40 to 45 families.  1/2 Beef will feed about 20 families.

During religious occasions when believers are required to give charity, we offer 1/7 beef share, or entire lamb or goat which meets all the religious requirements, and packaged into 10 pounds containers.  Lamb or goat normally yields enough to feed 3 to 4 families, while 1/7 beef share produces enough to feed 6 to 7 families.

At we do not accept any cash donations, as we feel there are many other organizations more qualified to manage cash donations and have it reach the people with most needs, however, if you are interested to make a charity in the form of "bulk fruit Box", Lamb, Goat, or Beef ... we are happy to manage this for you.


Start your Charity Now - Please indicate "Charity" after you place item in basket in the "comments for us" box:

Give a Bulk Fruit Box - Can ship anywhere within the United States 

Give a Lamb or Goat - Can coordinate only local / regional delivery.

Give an entire Beef Cattle - 1/2 Beef - 1/7 beef share - special order from  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  - Can coordinate only local / regional delivery.





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