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Our pet Llamas enjoying another nice day at  About us


The World is full of beautiful nature and amazing places.  One of these places happen to be crowned on the summit of coastal mountains between San Diego and Orange County in Southern California.  It is the land of Eden Farms.  Actual images from one of our farms.

Eden Farms established in 1996, incorporated as California LLC in 2015, serving tens of thousands of clients, mostly from neighboring areas within Southern California.

Eden Farms consist of three operations serving our customer base:

     Ranch2Fork.com - Offering grass-fed Halal beef, lamb and goat.  This operation sells directly to local consumers, coops, gym members, and "Cowpool". Hundreds of Southern California farms purchased live animals from us as breeding stock, pets and show animals, as well as for dairy consumption and wool processing.  Ranch2Fork does not sell to resellers, follows strict County regulations, uses State approved and inspected facilities for all processing.


     EdenTropics.com - Offering fresh and dried fruits, raw honey, gourmet jams, and dried hibiscus flowers as herbal tea.  This operation sells locally, regionally, and nationally to consumers from its website and local farmers market locations, to Southern California school districts, retail market chains, produce and seasons distributors, as well as to specialty organic stores and gift shops. Over the years, Eden Tropics has established a strong retail brand with large base of customers in the tens of thousands.


     AdamTropics.com - Offering exotic fruit trees, tropical palms, flowering shrubs, indoor plants and all types of shade trees and succulent plants.  This operation sells locally, regionally, and nationally from its website and Farmer Market locations within Southern California.  Indoor plants, smaller trees and flowering shrubs can be purchased from major retail markets throughout Southern California.  Adam Tropics has planted many commercial orchards as well as commercial landscape projects handling entire turnkey solutions from landscape design, set up irrigation systems, delivery and planting of large trees and palms, even coordinating harvest buy back with sister operation Eden Tropics.  Adam Tropics can handle small backyard installations to million dollars projects.



Lamb grazing at

Over 20 years ago, our local clients asked us to provide grass-fed livestock as meat animals. Initially they would stop by the farm, pick the animal of their choice then coordinate to have it transported to a butcher. Because the entire procedure to process each animal was often more expensive than the cost of the animal and took weeks to coordinate - transportation, slaughtering, ageing, debonning, cutting and packaging -, we decided to offer our assistance by directly coordinating this process on their behalf with State approved and inspected processing facilities.


Now our clients use our website to complete ordering and payment process.  We coordinate delivery of all customer orders usually within one week from time of ordering. Because we provide only limited number of livestock on weekly basis, we are able to take the time and offer custom processing, clients can let us know their preferences at time of checkout, or simply use the menu selection options to choose size, price, and cutting options at time of ordering.  

Ranch2Fork works with Gyms to promote healthy diet of grass-fed beef, as well as many coop groups who purchase few or several cattle at a time to split among their members. We only coordinate for "halal" method of processing, it is the healthiest and most humane way to process animals, we highly recommend it to everyone.

Cattle grazing freely at This family owned and operated farm is ready to serve you.

We wish to extend our deep appreciation to you if you are already one of our clients, or hope you will consider to become a long term client soon.  Thank You.
  It is truly a pleasure to love what you do - thanks God for such blessings.  





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